Cost Of Solar Panels in Cincinnati OH

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The cost of solar is an important factor for homeowners interested in installing solar panels. No two homes are the same, and there is no way to calculate the cost of a solar system for your home’s unique needs without the help of an expert. Factors like your current energy use, energy goals, and your home itself mean that an in-home evaluation is the best way to accurately determine the cost of going solar. Curious how we calculate the cost of solar for your Cincinnati home? Let’s look at what factors shape the process below!

Your Current Electric Bill

This is the biggest determining factor of how much solar will cost. You might think that a bigger house would require more solar panels, but that’s not necessarily true. Your electricity provider doesn’t charge based on how big your home is. Your electric bill is based on how much energy you consume. The more energy you use, the more solar panels you likely will need to reach your offset goal. Luckily, technological advances mean solar panels are becoming increasingly more affordable and efficient, meaning you may need fewer panels than you would have previously.

If your home has pricy electric bills, making you concerned about how many panels you may need, know that we take steps to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency when adding solar. Our SMARTPWR360OTM Package can help you to make your home more energy-efficient and could cut your home’s current energy consumption by up to 25%*! Reducing energy waste could help cut the cost of going solar.

How Your Home Affects Cost

Another important aspect of your home is the location. Where your home is, and how it is situated, affects the suitability of your home, as your roof may get too much shade or may not face an ideal direction to maximize your panels’ generation of electricity. A home that receives plenty of sunlight will need fewer panels than one that is shaded. Whether the shade comes from nearby trees or the roof itself, lack of direct sunlight is a problem. If cutting down or trimming back trees is an option, we’d recommend the former, because tree branches can always grow back! Along with that, south-facing roofs can receive the most sunlight for installation, followed by those facing east or west. You won’t want north-facing panels because there’s not enough sunlight to make solar viable. Think of how long snow on your north-facing driveway takes to melt!

Learn More About Solar In Cincinnati

Our experts at Pink Energy are available to help you better understand your home’s solar capabilities. We provide free in-home consultations and evaluations from our experienced solar experts. Contact your local Cincinnati solar experts today to get your free quote!